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1Data records everything, all of the time and stores it for future use. No more "aggregated" statistics - and you can step back in time to produce retrospective reports, too!


1Data uses the power of The Cloud and Big Data to bring you large scale reporting of minute details. Trend analysis, triggers and alerts make sure you don't miss a thing.


The intuitive interface for 1Data reporting makes things simple for any user. Build your own regular reports, then edit and distribute them all from the same interface.


1Data's massive storage capabilities means that you can create new statistics and reports and apply them to events in the past. Find out what really happened...

Tagged Events

With the ability to tag and monitor any aspect of your reporting at atomic/hashtag level, 1Data allows you to keep tabs on everything - not just a single aspect.


Monitoring in real-time uses the exact same methods as historical reporting. That means you can have a time-line from the past, into the present - and compare the results!


1Data is a new platform for contact center Business Intelligence and Management Information (BI/MI), built specifically for Unified Communications. Using cutting-edge technologies and Big Data model in The Cloud, it provides a new experience in real Business Intelligence - a Unified Communications Intelligence Layer (UCIL) - and a new interface for all of your contact center enterprise operations. The architecture is modular, so you don't have to buy a massive platform for your needs - just what you need, when you need it. 1Data isn't just another BI tool - it provides you with a depth and width of intelligence never before available to contact centers. Every tool that has been developed for reporting within the contact center has been designed around the data model - squeezing information into rolled-up figures to save data space. The result is that we have all accepted that there are some things BI/MI just can't do. Until now. 1Data extracts data from source and stores it. All of it. Not just aggregated information for volume reporting - it collects the interaction information, the attached data, the objects and routing information - all of it. This makes the task of real business intelligence far easier. Knowing that you will be able to drill-down into the minutest detail, to see what really happened in your contact center is new. Not only that but you can design and build a report today and apply it retrospectively, to events in the past. It's modular design and distribution means it has a tiny footprint on-site, which means virtually no local maintenance. The data engine behind it is, quite simply, a massive Big Data warehouse. By squeezing out every item of available data from every channel flowing through a contact center 1Data takes it all, stores it and then presents it back through a familiar and user-friendly interface. 1Data is the result of many years of engineering and development by independent contact center industry professionals, integrating cutting-edge cloud services and industry-standard reporting elements with existing technologies across the contact center. Extensive studies have been conducted, discovering what really matters to the operations and management of interactions across omnichannels. Bringing the next generation of information and intelligence to contact centers, 1Data combines massive storage in The Cloud with atomic-level data intelligence on site.

Atomic. Big. Simple.


1Data is modular, which means you don't have to purchase a reporting wrecking ball for your Contact Center - just what you need, when you need it. It doesn't use fancy methods to try to manipulate your Call Center interaction and call data during collection, because it was built for Contact Centers and it already knows where your data lives. No buffers, no aggregations, no "customized statistics"... just the facts, from source. And that means a whole host of new ways to get exactly what you need for your Contact Center. The intuitive report design interface and data feeds means that you are in charge of your reporting - not some 3rd party "Professional Service".

1Data is Contact Center reporting for the 21st century - and it's available today!

What's the Problem..?

Let's face it - the majority of the time your BI Reports are just that - reports. They tell you the things that you thought you needed to know. But then - where is the intelligence? Knowing your contact center volumes and reviewing your pre-defined statistics are no doubt very useful operations but - intelligent? With all those rolled-up statistics, aggregations and charts and graphs and conflicting information things can get a little... hazy.

1Data is different because it actually provides you with extermely low-level information for you to build up your business intelligence. It not just another BI tool, ready to provide you with a bunch of pre-defined reports your provider thought might be useful to someone, someday. 1Data doesn't aggregete information like conventional BI tools - it collects it and stores it. It doesn't combine volumes, rolling them up for you to try to figure out where the problem is. It doesn't assume to know what you need to know through dozens of pre-built reports. It simply collects everything; every leg of every interaction, every piece of information and data, every path, every object - all of the time. That's a lot of data, right? Sure it is - but 1Data is built in The Cloud, so the local footprint is no bigger than a standardized industry application.

Let's suppose your SLA dropped yesterday morning - and all you have to hand is a historical report confirming the fact - where does that leave you? A heap of explaining to do, based on a statistical figure..? But does that report tell you what actually happened? Does it pinpoint where things started to go wrong? Are you able to review the details - or are you blocked by aggregated figures and calculations which simply aren't granular enough? What if you were able to extract the "state" of your contact center, specifically from that time period? What if you could analyze the information and data that was “live” but it was lost to the aggregation and statistical smoke and mirrors of your reporting solution?

Well - now you can. 1Data not only extracts the lowest level of data and information from all of your contact center interactions - it stores them, too. For a period of time, you will have access to exactly what happened - as if it just happened. 1Data provides you with real Business Intelligence - real, retrospective insights so you can analyze, learn, adjust and optimize your operations. It also means you have the tools to be able to create a brand new business intelligence report today - and you’ll be able to apply it to events that have happened in the past. Now that IS new!

Why not see what 1Data can do for you? With a standard web interface, modular design for all UC Platforms and Big Data storage in the Cloud, it's the next generation of real Business Intelligence for Contact Centers - and it could be working for you!

“We had Busines Intelligence experts and Professional Services around all the time, just to keep up with the demands for reporting within our business. We found, with all of the external resources required, that it actually cost more to operate the tools we were supplied, than the cost of licensing them in the first place! Something had to change...”


Financial Services CFO

“We had everything set; our Service Levels, our Key Performance Indicators and our Targets were all optimized. Then something happened - and we never got to the bottom of it. You would have thought, with all the information we were gathering, that it would have been a sinch! Apparently, last month was "...too far in the past" to get the level of details we needed to investigate a serious operational issue...”


National Mobile Provider CIO

“The tools provided for us to use in reporting were spread out across our architecture. We had data repositories, databases, servers, interfaces, web tools, ETL toosl and a whole host of other elements to keep a track of. And, to top it off, we had 2 solutions to maintain, for 1 reporting solution! It's just too much for a medium-sized business like ours...”


Retail Customer Services COO


1Data Services cover each aspect of reporting for the modern Call Center; Voice, Multimedia, Social Media, IVR and Devices (IoT). The simple layer structure means a very small on-site footprint, leveraging the power of The Cloud. Since each aspect is modular, you can choose the elements you want to support your enterprise structure;

Choose your Inputs...

From an array of connector types, select your data feeds, CRM Adaptors and Tools for your enterprise.

Choose your Outputs...

Select your own reporting levels; Historical, Real-Time, Retrospective - or make your own.

Build your Reports...

Using the intuitive design interface built for End Users, select an existing report - or build your own. Add your own #hashtags and make the Report your own!

Take Action!

Armed with the right information, you can begin to drill into your operations - and make a real difference!



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